Bathroom Authors

I'd like to meet the people who scratch the ignorant statements on the walls and doors of the stalls in bathrooms. In my life, I have never seen someone doing this, you'd think it'd be obvious. The door would have to be closed, and they would probably be standing, depending on where their sentiments are going. Inevitably, there are people who disagree and rebut below with "no YOUR gay!" and an arrow pointing to the original statement.

Why is there always a drawing of a penis? That's just weird that it keeps making an appearance.

It's not just bathrooms. At my library, we have rooms that you can go to and have group or individual study. These walls are absolutely covered with "graffiti." For example, you'll see at least 50-100 exam statements, "Anatomy 301 Final", "Chemistry 422 Midterm" or "I should be studying, but I'm writing on this wall".

I've never read anything extremely witty, but that's just my opinion. I wonder if the bathroom walls at Harvard or Cal tech are different. Are they pristine? or are they covered with funnier stuff? or is it nerdier?

It's like youtube comments, they never seem to be related to anything and they always seem to include racial slurs. According to the Thompson Hall Bathroom on the 2nd floor, Obama is a socialist, and the guy who wrote that is retarded, and the guy who wrote that thinks free speech is retarded.

So i drew a penis.


Bill said...

Ha! You said penis. You should tell that to Rachel- I read somewhere that she was up for a good time.

bigtinypig said...

hahahahahahah nice Bill

Corinne said...

haha paul you're right about the penis thing-- there's a drawing of one in one of the study desks on the second floor of the library. i sat down one day and looked to my left and said 'wtf..'