The number 47

So i'm not crazy, but hear me out.

The number 47 is following me.

go ahead and laugh. it's not a joke.

This isn't like that movie, the number 23 (i think it was 23). I'm not jim carrey, as much as i secretly wanna be a 45ish year old man with acting issues. The number is legit following me. I'm not looking for it.

I have the complete series of Doug on DVD, don't ask me how, because it's not exactly legal approved by viacom. Watching this dvd, Doug's locker number? 47
I take pictures a lot, or i try to. I've liked doing it for a while, since about 05. my first roll on my new camera in 06 is from spring break. my favorite picture on that roll is this one. Picture ID on my camera? PICT0047

Favorite video game, Hitman. Hitman's main character? Agent 47

GPA? 3.47

stupid number.

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