Easter Sunday

I'm posting this from my phone, oh how far technology has come!

Today is easter, obviously, and i had my first easter egg hunt since i was 12. I found all of the dozen brightly colored eggs filled with runts in a matter of moments. The last egg always seems to be the hardest.

Cadbury eggs and reeses bunny rabbits greeted me when i came home for breakfast with my mom; eggs, bacon, hash browns and pancakes (with blueberry syrup of course) filled me up. I never understood what bunnies and eggs have anything to do with each other, let alone Jesus Christ, but hey, i'm not a theologist or a stand up comedian so i'll let it slide.

So go out and buy yourself some discount candy, it's passover today and lent has ended. indulge! have a good sunday and i'll see you tomorrow.

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