Honor Committee

So I got an email today requesting my presence at a hearing because my History Professor thinks I plagiarized my Seven Years War paper. ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? I didn't do it, obviously, but the fact that I have to defend myself AND go through exams this week and next week WITH OPENING DAY NEXT FRIDAY that's fucking bullshit.

This is the same teacher that hasn't cut her hair since 1985 and has straight up skipped class on two occasions without letting the class know she wouldn't be there.

Way to bring a fuckin downer on my whole God damn week. If this fucks up MY GPA and keeps me from getting into the school of management, just because a fucking HIPPY thinks I'm not smart enough to form my own sentences, I'm gonna go fuckin ape shit.

Damnit! ;oqwieg;./graehr;g

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