My dad calls flip-flops thongs. Sorry, I thought Id clear up any confusion about what this post would be about as soon as possible.

So why thongs? I mean i guess it's because of the toe strap. I never liked saying "flip-flops". Thong rolls off the tongue so much easier. Maybe We should bring this back? But if you imagine the confusion that would come out of that, you start to realize it's not worth it. I mean just picture someone walking around with a thong on each foot. Kinda weird..

They're also called slides and sandals. Sandals I think are more of the shoe-like things that Jesus would have worn. Slides, i guess, are those Adidas things you see with the velcro strap across. Or really any with just the strap across and not the "thong" shape that flip flops have.

In order of comfort (for me) is:
1: slides
2: flip-flops thongs
3: sandals

And before I go, if Jesus were around today, what kind of shoe would he wear? Barefoot, k-swiss, sandals, or roos?

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