First off, I'd like to share this article, I believe every word of it and it's a good read. It is in know way related to today's entry but I wanted to pass it along.

For today, I'd like to discuss something that's been on my mind for awhile now. It's not humorous, sorry, but I've wanted to say it for sometime now and I think now is as good a time (if not better) than any other. Enjoy.

It seems every year, around this time, changes occur. Now you can say that changes happen all the time, and you'd be right. Change is the only constant in this world. But what I mean by change during this season is a combination of things. Changes in our beliefs, fears, physical appearance, and attitudes seem to happen between February and May. My hair gets shorter, our skin gets darker, the days seem longer and the weather warmer. The streets seem wetter and the trees look fuller, our minds notice the beauty in things we had overlooked and our hearts question, "why?"

I know that I see things in a brighter light in the Spring and I know I am not alone. There is much to appreciate in a morning when birds awake you and a night when rain lulls you to sleep. The flowers bloom and the grass seems greener for me as I walk about my campus and head to my car after a morning class. The drive to work seems less dreary now than it did in January; maybe it's the music and the open window, maybe it's the approach of our home opener. Whatever it is that makes me happier, I know it always happens in this three month window.

I'd like to believe, belief is a beautiful thing to have. This time of year (specifically tomorrow's holiday) always makes me question my faith. The purpose of this site is not to cause doubt in anyway, but I personally don't have faith in a higher power. I can't seem to put my future in the hands of another being, even if that being knows what's best for me. For me, it's not a question of if there is someone out there, it's a question of whether or not I can believe in it. People have been fighting for years about what is right and what is wrong, and that's not what I'm here to debate. I just think it's a silly debate to have. Have faith in something, but most of all have faith in yourself. Faith that you can make the right decisions in your life to keep you safe and move on to the next moment hopefully better off.

As Spring becomes Summer, we will take advantage of the warm weather, whether you like it or not, we will either go out, be active and live life, or become hermits and lose time to ourselves. I hope you decide on the former as I will.

I'd like to end this on a word of advice; For every moment that you are unhappy or wish you were somewhere else, know that there is a reason for everything. Learn from every moment and take what happens as a tool for the future. You may need it one day.

Have a good weekend, and I'll be here tomorrow.

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