A weekend in the life of a College Intern (1)

This isn't meant to be a list of complaints, because I am certainly not complaining in any shape. I just wanted to share my prospective.

Friday Morning
7:30 am class with a hippy history teacher. Today's topic, the Judea Christian Split during the turn of the millennia (around 100 AD). This teacher is currently accusing me of plagiarizing, and I am currently awaiting trial by peers. Her reasons for suspecting me? I used the word forbade and I stated the dates of Treaties during the Seven Years War.

I come back to the dorm at 8:30 to study for my Accounting Midterm. By 9:30 I'm sick of studying, so I try and eat quietly so I don't wake the roommates.

Go take the exam, pray to the accounting gods that I got at least a C, hopefully a B.

Class ends at 11:45, at which time i take my books to my car and drive to the stadium. I spend the first few moments and check email and voicemail for anything important, and put the rest off.

1:00 rolls around, and I need to take care of some items in the Picnic area. I head down there with a hammer and a saw. Complete only half of the hammering I wanted to, and none of the sawing. So instead I volunteer my services to put up a billboard or two.

3:00 and now I need to head to the ticket office. I hold down the fort until 4, when I need to prepare the Money with Andrew.

4:30, I head back to the ticket office and close the windows, I start printing out will call tickets, and then let Pete take over that while I grab the player pass list. I print these out to go with the will call. I head upstairs and help Jon with stuff the programs with stat sheets. We finish, and I head back to the T.O. (ticket office).

By 5:30, most of the employees have arrived, I'm working Will Call today, so we wait until 5:45 to open the windows to sell tickets. I spend about an hour and a half at will call. During the hour, a woman whom I'm trying to sell season tickets too comes to pick up a game ticket. I eventually go visit her at her seats and shmooze her for about 20 minutes. And she gives me a list of dates that she wants, i go on the server and reserve her seat for all 35 dates. I go back and get her credit card, after listening to 30 minutes of how shitty our stadium and staff are. I return to the TO to see the seats were lifted off reserve by accident. so I redo the whole process. I then run the charge. My first season ticket sale, (awesome btw) so i buy the old cow a bbq sandwich (we had talked about them) and I return her the card and the tickets.

We close the ticket office, and verify the cash tills.

Me and Andrew begin the Money Room. ...and by 12:15, we finish and leave.

I grab the mascot suit and head to school.

Saturday Morning
7:45, the alarm goes off. I get the mascot back in the bag and drive to the mascot appearance. I hop in the suit and shake hands and take photos with about 200 kids and their parents. Little League opening ceremonies take place, I change and run back to the car. A tow truck is backing up to my car when I run and beg for forgiveness and I get off with a warning and a promise not to park in that lot anymore.

I head home and shower, by noon i'm in the picnic area sawing and hammering. I finish, and then rearranged the trash cans and the grills. I finish cleaning the grills and head back to the TO.

Grab Tropical Smoothie for lunch, bring it back and eat it at my desk while I answer phones and check email and voicemails.

3:15 we prepare the money for the night.

4:30 I close the windows and grab the player pass list, print them out and print out will call tickets. Pete shows me how to use the ticket scanners.

5:00 gates open and I am a ticket taker until 6:45. I resume the Will call post until 7:30. I close out all of the windows and we close the TO by 8:15.

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