Stewie Progression

It's funny to me how much the character of Stewie in family guy has changed over the span of the series. The once maniacal baby has become a "mature", yet somewhat androgynously hetero/homosexual. The voice comparison between the first few episodes in the series to the later episodes in the series show a distinct change in Stewie's intent. It seems he is no longer seeking to destroy anything in his path to world domination, but rather he is content with mocking Brian and enjoying his time being a baby. Take a look; I've put together a video to compare voices.

My first attempt at making a video on my computer, It's capable of better quality (i'm sure) but i'm not, yet. Also, note the good voice clips i found of stewie in the later episodes BOTH contained Brian. As early as the second season you see a lot of Peter-Brian dynamic and less Stewie-Brian. With the rise of the "Road to.." Episodes, there has been a rise in Stewie-Brian moments. Every episode now seems to have a few scenes involving exclusively these characters.

If I can find a good enough argument/theme, I might have Family Guy as a thesis topic.

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