Eye Doctor

What is it about eye doctors that makes me nervous. With the dentist, i know i'm nervous because i'm going to be spending about a half hour lieing to the hygenisist and dentist about flossing and brushing, but with the eye doctor.. It's not like i can be in trouble for something.

"..Paul.. have you been getting sleep in your eyes?"
"..yea. why? is that bad?"
"well you really need to make sure you clean that out of there as soon as you can."
"I mean i dont see what the big deal is.. I usually wipe it out before i even get dre-"

Or if the eye doctor gets a little too personal, that would be weird..

"So how are things? Seeing alotta pretty girls with those eyes of yours?"
"ugh.. i guess. why not."
"Good good.."

::long pause::

"any pretty boys?"
"i think i'm gonna go..."

And what's with the dark room.. you'd think they'd test my eyes when there's light to distract me, not when all i have to focus on is the E across the room and my vision is perfect.

What really bugs me about the eye doctor is all the choices he gives me. There are so many times that i'm sitting there trying to think of, let alone see a difference in the two lenses he presents to me. And why is the first guess always so terrible? the very first option he gives is comparing looking through a bottle of vinegar comapred to looking through a clean window pain. Narrow it down doc, i can handle a few less choices than what you're presenting me.

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