A new season (2009)

I like to do this every year, predict the season results game by game for the get go. not in depth, but certainly something to look back on.

Regular Season Schedule/Results (BOLD means victory)

1 Sun, Sep 13 @ NY Giants 4:15
2 Sun, Sep 20 St. Louis 1:00
3 Sun, Sep 27 @ Detroit 1:00
4 Sun, Oct 4 Tampa Bay 1:00

5 Sun, Oct 11 @ Carolina 1:00
6 Sun, Oct 18 Kansas City 1:00 ---- Televised on CBS
7 Mon, Oct 26 Philadelphia 8:30 ---- Televised on ESPN
9 Sun, Nov 8 @ Atlanta 1:00
10 Sun, Nov 15 Denver 1:00
---- Televised on CBS
11 Sun, Nov 22 @ Dallas 1:00
12 Sun, Nov 29 @ Philadelphia 1:00

13 Sun, Dec 6 New Orleans 1:00
14 Sun, Dec 13 @ Oakland 4:05
15 Mon, Dec 21 NY Giants 8:30 ---- Televised on ESPN
16 Sun, Dec 27 Dallas 8:20 ---- Televised on NBC
17 Sun, Jan 3 @ San Diego 4:15

We end up going 9-7, splitting division opponents 3-3, being swept by the giants and splitting home and away with the Cowboys. We have an awful reputation for underperforming on nationally televised games, which will continue this season when we go 2-1 on the big screen. We miss the playoffs (barely) because a strong NFC East as well as two teams in the North making it in, so only two from our Beast can go (that and we get third in the division, which doesn't deserve a post-season spot anyway).

Along with the bad big game standing, the 'skins also tend to do poorly (through mere coincidence I'm sure) when playing on CBS. We lose to Kansas City because of shoddy announcing a terrible pre-game show with three too many ex-coaches.

The biggest game of the year will come when the skins beat up on a helpless Denver team, showing the city why Clinton Portis was a good trade for us. Champ Bailey will still pick off one of Campbell's passes, who throws his 7th of the year.

Finally, I will attend ZERO games, due to the abysmal outing I had in 2008 (0-2, STL and DAL). And my Redskins Zubaz will not affect the outcome of any games, except the first time I wear them and the 'skins end up winning. After that, they will be worn to no positive outcomes.

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