Random Thoughts

While wearing my stewie family guy pants i recently picked up from kohls (on sale i might add), i wonder why don't all sweatpants have pockets? it's too much of a convenience to ignore.

why is it whenever it starts to rain while driving and my window is open, i get yelled at by my passenger to put the window up faster than i can even consider leaving it open so i can put my arm out and feel the little pricks of the rain hitting my arm? i think it kinda feels cool, but johnny no nonsense in the passenger seat ruins my fun when it's my car and not there's. thanks for ruining the ride for me grandma!

you'd think easy mac would be easier. put it in a bowl and eat it. none of this 4 minutes in the microwave foolishness.

if you could only have one kitchen appliance (apart from the fridge), what would it be? I think i'd go with the Margarittaville blender. That thing is just way more valuable to me than a microwave

I recently found out that someone i know has never seen or heard of the movie fight club. i then asked them if they knew that bruce willis was dead during the sixth sense. the lack of knowledge i think gives them a completely different perspective that i couldn't imagine having. what if you never knew kevin spacey was keyser soze (i had to look up the spelling) or that bruce was dead. This reminds me of a quick video i saw recently

i wonder what the rate of cutting fingernails to toenails is. is it the same amount of time? why wouldn't it be.. i just never seem to notice. i know they dont happen to occur on the same day for me, and i'm sure that's not unique or anything. just something i've never really thought about.

quick shout out thank you to a good friend who's been kind enough to put up with me for a solid 6+ years now, thanks again buddy

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