Hippy Shenanigans

What's the deal with these damn "scarves" all over the place? Trendy assholes think they look cool... it's 90 degrees outside! you're white! it's not cool, it's dumb.

What's worse is when I see a guy wearing it, and yet he's not homosexual. Just to be clear, i'm not against any sexuality, Whatever tickles your pickle. But for a "straight" guy to wear one of these, and get offended when someone assumes he's gay, i mean come on dude. you're wearing a scarf.

Let's think about it logically. The scarves are, from what i understand, popular in middle eastern culture. Why would there be a sudden surge of popularity in the states? Is there some conspiracy i'm not aware of?

Ultimately it's a fashion issue. Then who is to blame for these hip mother f**kers? Is it this woman? Or is it this Gay Fish?

(If you don't understand the gay fish joke: watch this episode of south park here.)

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