Bugs the Shit out of Me: Automatic Doors at Grocery Stores and Shopping Malls and other places where Automatic Doors are prevelant.

I thought I'd start off the month with a "Bugs the Shit out of Me"
This came to me while I was at Giant yesterday eating packets of mustard and ham and cheese loaf sandwiches.

You know what bugs the shit out of me? When you're walking in or out of a shopping establishment or bank or some random place with automatic doors, and you have to adjust your pace because of the speed of the door. Am I alone on this one?

Let's paint the picture: you're in desperate need for ketchup. Like it's bad. You have a meatloaf that is way to dry and you are DEAD sprinting to the door, and the damn automatic slidy thing pauses. It waits a full two seconds before opening, and when it does decide to get a move on, it takes its sweet time.

Here's another scenario for you: you're robbing a bank. You know, actually holding the money in your hands and running out the front door. When OF COURSE the automatic door slowly opens to elevator music. Doesn't it understand you're in a hurry?

And finally, I'd like to personally call out anyone and everyone who uses the automatic doors out of sheer laziness. When there are 4 doors to get into a building, all of which are closed, and YOU walk to the handicap door, push the button and walk in. How dare you. What if there is someone who needs to use that door. You're now making them wait to get in the building. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

I use that door too!

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