Jumping Ship


I saw this on in an article today. First off, it's not original. I know of two occasions that this occurred this summer alone.

Second, really?
I understand we have an owner that would rather make money than win, and a coaching staff that can't control a cast of players that don't want to play, but I'll support them til I die. How can you call yourself a fan if you're so willing to jump ship and be sold to the highest bidder? You're calling for attention and you're succeeding at that. Hopefully their are more people like me out there that think this guy (or gal) is an idiot. I looked at their last bought item and came up with this.
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This guy is bored. He's sitting at home and unhappy with how "his team" is performing, and rightfully so, has found himself very unhappy. Yet instead of doing what all other skins fans are doing right now, complain on their blogs or hang their head in shame, he decides to make a buck and sell his "fandom" on ebay.

To ogomo6: Grow up. You're embarassing yourself, and I hope the Raiders buy you for 10,100 and then cut you before the end of the season.

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