Knee tan

So I have this pair of pants and the right knee was ripped out during an unfortunate accident that will go un-discussed on this blog.
I happened to wear those pants on a particularly sunny day last fall and during the day, we all stopped and grabbed a bite to eat at this place outside.
What I ate is unimportant (I'm sure it was decent but not great because I've yet to go back) but where I sat is. My right leg was out in the sunlight and after an hour of lunch, I received a knee tan.
We all know how jealous knees can be, but my left knee was pissed. All of both legs were just not happy with my right knee. Left calf was usually really good friends with right knee, but now that right knee got all tan and popular, he shunned his old friends and became the d bag of the legs.
After a week or so the tan subsided and right knee was back to normal. He had a tough time transitioning as all of his friends now hated him. But eventually they welcomed him back to the pants party.
It's been a year now and I've yet to wear those pants again. No one wants that split in the clubhouse. So a word to the wise; never wear pants with holes in them, you'll start a riff that just does not belong in your pants.
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