What is the point of this pocket?
I've yet to use it once. In a basic pair of pants I have 4 regular sized pockets plus this little bastard.

As you can see I can't fit any more than the tips of my fingers in there (insert giggity here) yet they continue to sew that extra few inches of fabric onto my pants.

You can't fit a thing in there. Not my pen, my keys, shit not even my wallet! Then why make the damn pocket?

Sure some of you out there would attest that a few pieces of spare change would fit, or even a single key, or a breath mint. But I could just as easily put ALL of those things in the normal pocket. And I could get them out of the normal WAY easier than that small one. You ever tried wrangling out a dime from under the car seat? Try getting a dime out of that pocket and not look like a moron at CVS.

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