Rain and puddles

It hasn't rained in a while, so this post is not necessarily about precipitation. It is more directed towards the puddles that occur on sidewalks/paved areas after a bought of rain or of ice melting. I believe a lot can be learned about the slope and warped areas of a pathway at a school or at a place of business when you are wearing nice shoes and there are puddles everywhere.

I hate puddles at these times.

Earlier, I had said something about walking in the "grass" areas when there is ice to avoid slicker areas. This DOES NOT hold true after the ice melts or it rains. I avoid non-paved areas at all costs when it rains. It's like a death trap if you're wearing anything but bare feet or hiking boots. I have one (1) pair of black dress shoes, and I've had them for at least 6 years. I need to keep them as clean as possible (because a new pair is expensive and cleaning an old pair takes effort, of which I have none).

So in conclusion, I like the rain, but I probably would need to invest in better footwear if I lived in or frequented an environment in which wetness is a constant factor.

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