West Coast TV

I found myself asking the following question the other night,
If you live on the west coast and follow prime time television like Lost or 24, do you get to see the shows on TV at the same time as the east coast or do you have to wait an extra three hours?

It bugged me, so I had to find out. I considered calling a friend of mine, Chris Fisher, and asking him. I also considered asking friends of mine who live on the East coast but at some point in the past, lived on the West.

Then I remembered the Internet!

Apparently, the shows you see on the East Coast at anytime of the day, are on a three hour tape delay for California and the rest of the West coast states. How much would that suck? I mean, do you have to watch a tape delay version of the ball dropping on New Years? What's the point? I'd rather watch a ball drop from the Space Needle than something from the stinky-old East coast.

But Sporting Events are played live, so how awesome would it be to wake up at 10 am to see a football game? or if you lived in Hawaii, 8 am!!!

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