Today I wold like to compare the two icons of the James Bond Franchise that I knew as a kid in the 90's.

Goldeneye 007 the video game for Nintendo 64

and Goldeneye 007 the Movie

First Reactions:

When the movie came out in 1995, It was the first bond movie I ever saw, I was 6. It was awesome. I remember thinking that Pierce Brosnan (at the time I only knew him as Bond, James Bond) was the biggest bad ass in the history of man. Or in my own words of the day, He was super. Years later, a ride at Kings Dominion would relive the movie (that's a stretch), and I couldn't ride it enough. It was my first ride at the park, and I miss it more than ANY other ride in the history of Amusement Parks.

The video game came on the scene two years later in August of 97. That's when the obsession really started. I got a Nintendo 64 Spring of 1998 after pleads from friends telling me how "totally awesome" the games were. Me and my brother both paid for it with our christmas money and birthday money. First games of ours included Diddy Kong Racing, Madden 99 and, of course, Goldeneye 007. I remember playing this in Eric Rooney's basement and then, after copious sugar intake, acted out the multiplayer with toy guns and loud sound effects "BANG BANG I GOT YOU! YOU'RE DEAD, I GOT YOU!" Best N64 game, nay, GAME, of all time.


The movie gets points for nostalgia sake, but when you watch it today, it falls short of "Bond" movies of the age. Sure, I could give it a 10 on the sheer fact that it is the first and very much the favorite for me because, well, it was the first. It was my Bond equivalent of a first date. It is my earliest memory of the god of secret agents. BUT it was not the best of all time. I mean Boris? really? "I am invincible!" Weak villains and weaker Bond Girl attractiveness, xenia onotopp was pretty hot though, gives this movie a 7.5007 rating (out of 10)

The game not only took you through the whole movie, well, the way all movie based games do, leave out parts and stretch small scenes into full levels, but it also had the most memorable multiplayer option of any game before Halo. It had numerous level maps, numerous characters, and the best cheat options I've ever seen. Paintball mode? I didn't even know what paintball was until i played this game. DK mode? This game had the marketing balls to publicize another game within a game. I challenge you to play Slappers only with three of your friends with health on a +10 handicap. You will either be playing all night, or for 10 minutes until you get too frustrated to continue. I give it a 9.007 (out of 10)


Duh. The best video game of all time, versus the movie that could have been based on the video game, and it wouldn't have been any different.
Don't have the game?
Don't have an N64?
Get one. Do it now, I'll wait.

Ok now go play it. I'll wait.

How do you feel? Yea I had to change my tighty whiteys after my first time playing as well.

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