Rainy Day Women #12 & 35

Another beautiful day, and it's not even March. It won't last, as by the end of Sunday we'll have fallen back into the cold and windy state that we suffered through all this past week. One can only hope for Hockey and College Basketball to ease the pain. Oh yea and spring training too.

Why on earth did Bob Dylan name it that?

here's the interpretation from a few sources, although i don't know how credible it is:
"...I asked the question here about a month ago, and someone told me
that the only thing Dylan said about it, was that as he was recording
the song, a mother and daughter walked into the studio drenched due to
the rainy day outside. Mother was 35, daughter 12."
and a quote from Dylan himself:
"...Well, you know my songs are all mathematical songs. Now, you know what
that means so I'm not gonna have to go into that specifically here.
It happens to be a protest song. ...and it borders on the
mathematical, you know, idea of things, and this one specifically
happens to be ... "Rainy Day Women #12 & 35" happens to deal with a
minority of, you know, cripples and Orientals and, uh, you know, and
the world in which they live,.... It's another sort of a North Mexican
kind of a thing, uh, very protesty. Very, very protesty. And, uh, one
of the protestiest of all things I ever protested against in my
protest years..."
I don't think this song was being metaphorical after reading that nonsense.

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