Movie Review Time!

Taken (2008)

Main Stars:
Liam Neeson
Maggie Grace
Famke Janssen

First Reaction:
This is a hell of an action movie. With very little plot to distract you from the ass kicking that Bryan Mills (Neeson) lays down on Russian terrorists. If you're looking for a date movie, see something else. Women will not get why this movie is awesome. If you've ever walked out of a theater with an adrenalin rush, prepare for a repeat performance. I had the urge to break something or someone when walking out of this theater. It's that intense.

Bryan Mills (Neeson) lives in L.A. so he can be close to his daughter Kim (Grace) who is turning 17. Kim lives with her mother (Janssen) and step father. When Kim and her friend Amanda go to Europe to follow U2, they are abducted in Paris and are sold in to prostitution. Mills, an ex-U.S. government Spy, goes to his daughter's rescue.
The following hour and a half is full of ass kicking and beat downs.

With a minimal plot with enough story to keep you in your seat, and enough action to keep you on the edge of your seat, this film is worth the 10 bucks. Though it's not good for a date, it is perfect for a group of guys.
9 boots to the face out of 10.

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