Roller Coasters

The above link takes you to a picture of the first roller coaster I've ever ridden. It's called the Swamp Fox and is located at the Family Kingdom amusement park in Myrtle Beach, SC. When I was under the age of 10, I was deadly terrified of roller coasters. I went to Disney World and refused to ride the rides. Of course I forced on them and I ended up really liking them so, thanks for that Mom and JD.

I think the best roller coasters are of the wooden variety, but I do think that riding a brand new roller coaster that of any kind is probably one of my top 5 favorite things to do in the summer.

The worst part about the life of a roller coaster is the time that it becomes too shaky to ride. That time when it begins to wobble around and give it's riders a headache really makes a coaster aficionado like myself sad. It's like it's getting too old and needs to retire, and we all know what happens to roller coasters when they retire.. so sad.

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