Study Abroad

Apart from the obvious jokes that I think of every time "study abroad" comes into conversation, I think it's a pretty cool idea.

ok fine, "study abroad! which one?!"

heyuck heyuck lets move on.

So i've visited the information booths, i carried the pink flyers across campus and tried to hide the fluorescence under my arm/in my notebook to no avail. I've been to the website, I've seen the blogs, I wanna do it.

So what's stopping me? Nothing. I'm gonna do it. If I can find a class that fits my needs and costs me little to nothing extraordinary, I'm gone for a month.

So i pose the question (which will inevitably go unanswered) if you were to study a broad (ha!) where would you go?

My top 10:
Buenos Aires

Rome is the only one i could find that I could actually use towards my degree. BUT it's a whopping 4700 without airfare. soo we're looking at about 6000 for 3 credits over two weeks in Italy in the winter. Is it worth it? I think maybe.. but I don't wanna miss my 21st birthday on my home soil.

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jessie said...

i visited your site n was good enough then othere site that i visited last month

study abroad