Joe Boxer Returns

Swedish Golfer Henrik Stenson apparently played a hole in his underwear yesterday, wow.

So from what I've heard, he landed his ball in the mud off the tee shot on the Par 4 Hole 3. To avoid getting dirty, he stripped down to play the shot in his underwear.

Here's what I think, given this was day one on the third hole, which was probably only his 8th shot of the day, I'll let it slide. I mean if he's on the 16th hole, then he should play out the day with a muddy shirt and roll up your pant legs, but because he would have had to play the whole day with mud caked on his shirt, there is some leeway here.

However, he lost MAJOR dude points for doing it. Not because he is "gay" or anything childish like that for taking his shirt off, but because he did it to avoid getting dirty. Are you kidding me Henrik?

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