So I was thinking about it last week, and i really wanna get in a fight. I mean a real fight, like straight up kick some ass and get beat down at the same time. I haven't been in a fight since I was 14 and I know it's about damn time. I've been instigating shit too, like sunday this joker decided to move my shit from my dryer to the counter event though it was still wet. I talked mad shit to this kid calling him a dumbass and egged him on, but the em effer backed off! oh well. It would have been more like a beat down on my end with nothing to block or stop.

Please, someone give me the opportunity! I'm considering going to the gym and then try and get someone to fight me. Maybe I should start smaller and hit up the Bar in Damon's first to get the sloppy drunks at 1 am.

On an unrelated note, check back later for an updated playlist.

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