I absolutely love March. Everyone loves the site of some midmajor school owning a big conference team during the season, but how about those buzzer beaters to set lowly conference teams over their ranked supposed conference champs during the tourney?

About this time every year, and for about a month before and during the NCAA tournament, we hear the phrases "bracket" "bracket buster" "on the bubble" and "popped bubble" or "bubble has busted".

I like these ideas, but I think they make the sport of college basketball sound almost like a saturday morning cartoon. Now i'm not going to complain about every little thing i write on this blog, but I would like to say that basketball and bubbles are as different as the little boys and little girls that respectively played them on a summer afternoon in between third and fourth grade.

However, I can't get enough of this environment and I look forward to seeing the brackets released tomorrow and I will surely post one of my brackets by monday or tuesday as a large image on this blog.

Good luck to all you bracket professors out there.

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