Bugs the Shit Out of Me: Gyms

I'm starting a new thing, this is basically me venting about something that bugs me. It obviously isn't a unique idea but hey, everyone has to let out some steam. Today is just the first time i've posted it and given it a title.


what really bugs the shit out of me about gyms is the people who go there. There are basically 4 different kinds;

1) the music heads - These are the one's that don't effect me that much but do get annoying to many others. When I work out, I bring my iPod to kinda keep me in a rhythm while i'm running or cycling or even lifting. but some people take this opportunity to blast their music in their headphones and tune out all of their problems but crank a new one up for the rest of us! I mean, just because you're on your period or you're cheating on your girlfriend, or you just had a shitty childhood, doesn't mean you can crank "ghetto rap" so i can't hear the game on TV number 5. turn it down, or buy some bose.

2) the sweaty em-effers - You ever use a machine, say for your biceps, and you have to lean against a back rest for support. Or you bench press, or even do leg presses, both with a back support. Well when you're done, you go grab the towel and spray and clean your shit off right? you would if you were a good decent person, but not if you're a sweaty em-effer. those people think their shit don't stink and they don't produce sweat. I think their delusional. clean you're sweat or i'll punch you in the back of the head.

3) the machine abusers - OK so here's the scenario. You just finished your'e two mile run and then hopped on the bike. you then did you're routine 6 mile push over about a 25 minute lapse, feeling pretty good about yourself. Because it's Thursday, you then need to head over to the machines and hit up that one machine that you don't have a name for. you've been considering Alfred because it works your arms, but then you think "that's a stupid name" and you look up and this guy's using the machine. Ok... i'll wait on this other machine and use it til he's done.

He's still there.. it's been 8 minutes. you counted. and he's still there. I mean don't his arm's get tired? You've been alternating through machines but he hasn't budged. you give up and leave frustrated. So to all you machine abusers, watch out. you're on my list.

and finally,
4) the staring creepers - self explanatory but here's an example: I run on the treadmill as a warm-up on most days. We have a lot of windows at the gym i use, and i night they are basically mirrors. So why is it that there's always that guy staring at other people? I mean i see him using the window as a creeper tool. hell i think he glances at me. and it's worse when he's on the treadmill too, cause than he tries to race me or something. what a tool. during the day when the windows are just windows, there are the people who walk by and stare at anyone on the treadmills. it's just creepy. I know i look good in a tank top but come on.

..that was a joke btw.

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