Thoughts of the Day 3-31-09

Here are some of the things i discussed with myself today.

-If tater tots are mini potato hash brown things, what do you call those miniature tater tots? I was thinking tater-minis or mini-tots, but neither of those seem to sound great. well tot is short for toddler in the culture that i'm familiar with, so how bout tater baby? nah that just sounds morbid. like i'm eating a baby or something. while we're at it, lets rule out tater midget, midget tot, baby tater midget, tater fetus (that's awful..) or stem cell tater. More on this another day, i have some big people stuff to do.

-Is it ok to take your shoes off in a library? if so, can i put my feet up on the table or is that going to far. ..ok shoes are off, and the feet feel fantastic.. ok now i can see why shoes off is a not-so-great-idea, when you've been walking around a lot the dogs tend to smell like ... well, they smell like feet.

-that's a cool shirt.. but you don't go to Virginia Tech. If you went to tech, why are you here on a monday night? are you a grad student? If that's the case then I guess you can't afford new clothes, all of your money is going towards that hopefully useful master's degree you're pursuing. What if i started buying shirts from random universities.. How bout one from a community college in kansas. must look into this when i have the patience to find out that you can't buy tshirts from community colleges that don't have websites.

-am i the only one who could care less about "words per minute" in typing? I mean is it really that important? say i go to a job interview and it's on my resume as 90 WPM. would they time me? "alright mr. barrett we're gonna need you to sit at that computer terminal and start typing the words on this document. 3....2.....1......go." when they get to 60 seconds, and i've only reached 87 WPM, am i kicked out of the office for being a liar? I think this whole system should come with a scale of some kind.
if you can type 100+ WPM, you automatically get a job and a free world of warcraft account.
60-99 WPM gets you the job but you're forced to draft letters for your boss
30-59 WPM gets you the job only if you're an attractive young female
and 0-29 WPM gets you a GED.

more some other time.

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