Pop-Up Life

So if anyone out there is unfamiliar with "pop up video" you should follow this link and educate yourself.

So what if life had a pop up video? It's times like now that I wish I had some knowledge of video editing and a camera with the capabilities to record such an event, but alas, I am lacking.

Instead, I must ask you to imagine the awesomeness of a real-life pop up experience. I personally picture it from the third person perspective, as If i'm watching someone experiencing this phenomenon and freaking out about it. I mean, if you were walking down the street and random bubbles just popped out of nowhere stating, "the clothes he's wearing is actually the same exact outfit he wore the previous Monday!" Or how bout when the person is fleeing the bubbles and escapes into the public restroom only to find a bubble erupting behind him stating, "this bathroom was originally a bowling alley but was converted in 1988 after a bad fire!"

I must think about possibly writing down these ideas. I bet someone would pay money for it on one of them websites on them internets.

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