Tommy Boy is on.... or is it Black Sheep?

I mean, why did they release the same exact movie twice? I love me some Chris Farley, but it's essentially the same movie! Compare for yourself.

Seriously go watch them. Back to back.

Go ahead I'll wait.

Here's a link to a clip of each one if you dont have the movie: Tommy Boy Black Sheep

so really, go watch them, then come back. open up a new window for the clips.

so how was it? Did you enjoy them? Same character dynamic huh. Yea i know, that's what I thought. Did you think one was better than the other? No? Yea they are like the same movie aren't they!


Bill said...

Whoa whoa whoa!! Erroneous my friend! While you are correct in saying that they are the same character dynamic, Tommy Boy is a million times funnier. Farley and Spade both said they were kinda forced into doing the same exact movie without the jokes.

bigtinypig said...

I do agree Tommy Boy is better, as it came out first. They both, to me, have their highs and lows.

erroneous on both counts!