National Lampoons Christmas Vacation

I want to start by saying that every family can relate to this movie, but I can't. This family is so disfunction-ally hilarious yet realistic that no family could be that comedically perfect.

Clark will do anything to have the perfect Christmas, his immediate family supports him, but can't do anything to help, his parents feel bad for him, his wife's side of the family mocks him, his brother in law is a disaster, everything Clark touches goes to hell, and yet; at the end of the movie Clark lives happily ever after.

Cat food in a jell-o mold
"Shitter's full!"
Aunt Bethany giving the pledge of allegiance
Julia Louis-Dreyfuss getting jumped by a squirrel, then a dog
"It's a bit nipple-y... blousing, i mean browsing" "Not a log, I don't have a log"
"kiss my ass, kiss his ass, kiss your ass, happy Chanukah."
"Lot of sap in here.. lot of sap."

and so much more.

If your family hasn't had a bad holiday, than you aren't completely normal. To experience a meltdown is terrible during, but almost always fun to look back on. This movie illustrates the fun meltdowns of a family holiday. Now go see it and laugh your ass off like I did!

I can't give it a perfect score because of the awfully dated (even for 1989) opening sequence in cartoon form. The singing is even worse. I give it 4.5 dead cats under a lazy boy out of 5.

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