random list of places I've slept

you ever finished laundry and not feel like folding and putting it away? yea i've slept on it.

i've woken up on a strange apartment floor wrapped in a slip cover of a futon.

my current mattress set up: mattress under a mattress pad (really not padding at all, just a cover) under a fitted shit sheet, under a thin blanket, under a flat sheet that's tucked under the mattress like a fitted sheet, under a big blanket that I normally sleep under.

my office floor at the stadium, done that.

a crib sized mattress in somebody else's basement

too many couches to count

a hallway floor, and this wasn't out of necessity, it was for fun.

three desk chairs lined up in a row

behind the desk in the team store

a dog bed

somebody else's desk

probably four futons at the max. three for sure, but i'm sure there's a fourth in there somewhere.

under a christmas tree

under a normal tree (outside)

in a bath tub

tents, of course

a weird hammock/bed thing

a locker room bench



my car. numerous times. (the explorer, the jetta, and the golf)

and of course, plenty of different beds over the years.


Bill said...

Interesting list. But what exactly is a fitted shit?

bigtinypig said...