Post Holiday Boredom

Well it's that time of year again. The holiday season is over, the family has gone back to their respective homes, the christmas decorations are coming down and the torn wrapping paper has been disposed of and taken away by the mafia. It's the time of year that many of us become bored out of our skulls.

There are cures. Some make plans for new years, some read and some go shopping for "after christmas" sales. Me? I clean and reorganize my room while watching South Park or any new DVD's that made their way under our christmas tree a week ago. In cleaning, I discovered a box of school work from my freshman year of college (only two years worth of dust on this particular box). In it were quite a few writing samples and a bunch of class notes and quiz grades. Some not so great of course. I liked reading these assignments. They give me hope that I can always do some writing if it came to it.

What I really enjoyed doing during this process is taking a look at all the sports Jerseys I have. I'll have to make a photo slideshow out of all of them one day, but I know I'm at about 30 to 40 articles in the collection. If I were to include all of my Lacrosse pennies, It'd come to well over 50.

Hopefully you're post holiday boredom isn't as severe as mine (it isn't too bad). Good luck coping!

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