In which the masses continually misuse the phrase "i'm a fan of..."

I can't go a day with out hearing one of my friends claim, "yea I'm not a huge fan of How I Met your Mother" or "you know, I've really become a big fan of waxing my chest" which is fine, I mean I dont judge. But why on earth would someone claim to be a fan of stupid ass shit on facebook.

Here's a little collage I put together.

Why Facebook? Why did you start this?

I generally complain about a lot of things on this blog. I won't deny it. But really? Ok first, in real life, claiming to be a fan of something has spread beyond sports teams and entertainers. People started to include foods and unimportant daily routines like waxing their chest or driving somewhere. Already, the "fan" line had been crossed, but then the ongoing death of personal communication (facebook) decided to add this fan tool.

At first, the facebook fan tool wasn't too bad. Simple things like a band or a sports team here and there. Then naps. Then driving on the right side of the road. Then flipping over the pillow. The list goes on. Just look at the picture above; A spider? An extremely time sensitive fan page? A quote from a television show from about three years ago? The word Wednesday? How many people can sell their soul for a fan page? A fan page for FAN PAGES??!!

This is enough. My plea is for all of you to consider the options when seeing a fan page.
A) Join the page, and further fall into the obsession of Facebook by spelling out every single detail of your life that 99.9% of the people in your life don't care about.
B) Laugh at the title of the page and maybe add that activity to your "info" section or make it your status, and continue to add every single detail of your life...
C) Think the page is funny, then get on with your life.

I implore you to go with option C on this one people. But, don't do what I say because you think I'm right or you agree with me, do whatever the hell you want because YOU think it's right.


This one showed up SECONDS after I posted this on my blog. God Damnit.

What the hell!

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Bill said...

Couldn't agree more, sir. Ridonculous.