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or rather; if you haven't read it yet, I wrote a post before this and you either A) read it and are continuing here. good for you, skip down to the bold and underlined portion below. or B) you haven't read it and you've missed out. You can find part I here and the next part (part III) here.

...we were talking about how I write a blog post.

How I Write a Blog Post
What I do for this stage is just write about the topic. I already know the subject, I just need to go to town and write it down. As I said, there isn't a whole lot of planning. There will be more planning for the videos I plan on putting up, but until then it's all freestyle just writing what I think.

Here's today's post:
How to feel up a Christmas Present

Ok it's that time of year. There are presents under the tree and I'm tempted to walk in there and feel up the presents to see what we're looking at.

Now, everyone has seen the tv shows and movies where somebody shakes the box. What's that about? I never learn anything from a shake. It's all about the texture for me. Feel the package and analyze what you feel. For example: A dvd shaped box. Ok is it a video game or a dvd? You can eliminate video game here if there if you don't feel the indentation to open the box. If that's missing, or the gap is too wide, it's a dvd. Then, flip it over to either side. Feel the front and back. Do you feel grooves? Is there writing? It's probably a DVD with extra packaging, that means it's probably new and definitely some kind of "special edition" box.

::Related post from a trusted filmmaker James Rolfe (of AVGN fame) here regarding extra packaging on DVD's. I agree with him 100%::

Another example would be an average rectangular box. Not a clothes box, that one's easy. It's clothes. If it's a rectangular box there are a few things you want to look for. Check for a side that's "different" from all the other sides. Is there one? If can be different things but it it's an X pattern, we're looking at electronics. Especially if the box is heavy. If you can feel that it is a lighter box and all sides are flat, you have a different situation. Could be shoes. Check the top to see if there is a lip around the entire edge of the box, that's the lid.

You can get alot from sound too. I'm serious, flick the package. What do you hear? A rattle, a thud, a plastic sound? This can really help you figure out what's going on in the box.

So go to your tree. Pick up that box that has your name on it. Feel it up, what do you find? And remember, it's fun to snoop but you never want to guess. Because if you're right, the giver gets upset and you don't get a surprise come Friday morning.

With this post, I just wrote. I paused a few times to watch TV and I enjoyed a Pepsi while I wrote. Then, I scroll down to "Post Options" and edit. I change the post time to the next day up in my posting schedule. For example if I'm writing three or four posts because I'll be out of town, I change the date to say the next coming Saturday and the time to that morning. Usually sometime around 9:00 am. From there, I hit "publish post" and the deed is done.

Now, on to our final chapter A Bigtinypig Blog Post: Part III and if you missed it, here's the first part to the story.

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