Headline: Mother Kills Children, Father Laughs

Here's a story my mom told my brother and I a few years back.

Growing up, JD and I shared a room in our four bedroom house. For some reason we had two guest bedrooms and no guests. So one night, while our parents were sleeping, we decided it was a great idea to empty out everything in our room and throw it over the staircase railing to the foyer below.


At the time we had a lot of toys. We're talking toy trains on those little wooden tracks, Power Ranger action figures, Hotwheels, and when we ran out of toys, we started throwing furniture over. All of the bed sheets, the blankets and pillows, and bean bag chairs (little small ones because we were little) were thrown over.

Needless to say, we were making a bit of noise while doing this. Our parents came out to the hallway to see what was going on. My mom remembers seeing a headline flash across her eyes. And my dad remembers laughing his ass off.

JD and I will remember this story for the rest of our lives. And it'll always make us laugh.

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