Thoughts of the Day 12/1

Well after four hours of sitting in the computer lab on two hits of speed cups of coffee, I wrote four well thought out pages of the paper. I plan to have another two done by the time you read this, and the final three done before 4:30 this afternoon. It's looking pretty solid so far, and I'm excited about getting this thing done ASAP.

So for today's post: Thoughts of the Day!!!

You know you're fat when you sit at your laptop brushing off the cheetos dust. Before you get any ideas, I'm not fat. I just think the fact that I happened to be winded and searching for a missing cheeto around my desk chair and yelling to my roommate, "where the fuck is the god damned cheeto?!" makes a good conversation piece to your friends. Besides it's hard to NOT get cheeto dust on your keyboard when the damn things cake a quarter inch of orange dust on your finger tips.
... I swear I eat apples and other healthy things too.

Standing in line at Jazzman's in the JC (the campus coffee shop I've been referring to):
I think I've seen that backpack before.. I remember because it had that military tag on it, even though it's not a military backpack. Do you think he dropped out of whatever military program he was in? Or is it a relatives? A friends? Maybe I should get a better look at his face.. Yea he seems like he could have been in the military. Then why the backpack mismatch?
Later, in my apartment complex:
There's that kid again! He lives on campus, so he could very well be in military training. Maybe he has more than one backpack. Hey! He lives next door to me! That's weird.

I'm at that weird stage where I can't decide to get a haircut or let it grow a little longer. I'm always worried I look stupid as is, but at the same time I'm worried that the lady will fudge up the haircut. It's not particularly hard to get it right for me, It's a short cut with no style or anything, but it's been done. This one woman made it cockeyed in the back. But to be fair, she had a hunch so she was leaning to the left slightly. It looked straight to her.

I like these "thought of the day" posts. I don't often get to spew out these quick little posts here and there with the blog. It's usually a longer post with the exception of a lame duck here and there. These posts give me a good chance to post those little thoughts that make my brain laugh.

I think undershirts are overrated. I've been wearing a shirt underneath my shirt ever since 7th grade. I don't know why I have been, and I don't know why I started. I think from now on I'm gonna save the undershirt for shirts that require buttons or sweaters.

You know that Richmond Squirrels baseball team I mentioned before? Well they are unveiling their uniforms today. By this evening I will have posted pictures here. Hopefully they're not too bad.
Here's one from Ben Terry's Facebook:
and one from the team website:

No Uniform pics just yet but I'll be on it as soon as I see or hear anything.

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