Completely legal speed.

My version of speed is drinking a coffee really fast and using the resulting energy to be productive for about an hour or so. So, by that lame ass definition, I'll be getting completely hopped up on speed tonight to finish a report I've been working on.

If, by pure chance, I end up being strung out and addicted to the legal stimulant that is white chocolate mocha w/o whipped cream, you will be seeing a nonsensical rant of a post tomorrow or late tonight. Who knows, maybe it will be insightful, maybe it will be a video (because I'm lazy), or maybe it will be a complete waste of space.

In the best interest of time and energy, I'll let this post end short and go purchase my coffee/crack and go write a paper. I would like to add that the easiest tip for filling space in said paper is to explain the "basics" or essentials to understanding the topic. You may think that the basics are self explanatory, but it looks as if you have a greater understanding of the topic if you do so.

Long live coffee drinks at late hours, and I wish you all luck in finding your own personal completely legal speed.
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