Potato Chips

I love snack foods. Gold fish, cheese balls, really anything to snack on. I even have a box of raisins in my bedroom for midnight snacking.

Most of all, I like potato chips. There are several types and varieties to speak of:

Potato Chips
Flavored Potato Chips
Cheese Curls/Balls
Corn Chips

Now the best kinds of chips, in my opinion, are the kinds that dip. Immediately you can erase flavored and cheese from this conversation. As much as I like Salt and Vinegar (so good) and Crab Chips, they can't be dipped. Too thin and it wouldn't go with anything. Cheese curls and balls don't dip well because of their density and, like flavored chips, don't match well with many dips.

But Potato Chips.. It depends on the brand and the density. Ruffles for one make FANTASTIC dipping chips. Just look at sour cream and onion dip. It's like it was made for ruffles. I have it every sunday in the fall, the perfect football snack food in my book. However the regular Lays potato chips, they don't work so well in this category.

Corn chips however are the king of the dipping world. You have tortilla chips which are salsa and queso compatible and you have Fritos that are also perfect for that sour cream and onion dip that I drool over.

Of course any conversation with Chips must include a mention of the dipping rules. There really are only two.
1) You do not double dip in a communal bowl. No exceptions. Break the chip into smaller pieces if you have to before dipping it in to begin with.
2) No cross dipping. If you have Salsa in one bowl and Sour Cream and Onion in another bowl, don't dip one chip into both bowls before eating. Again, this only applies to communal bowls. Not everyone wants your weird flavor combo.

If I was absolutely forced to come up with a perfect snack food for me? One that I had to eat if a gun was put to my head... It would undoubtedly be Lays Salt and Vinegar (not Utz, they pack too much air in their bags) with a Cherry Coke. Healthy option? Cottege Cheese and fruit. Yea I'd rather have the chips too.

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