People who don't know what they're talking about.

By no means am I an expert at ANYTHING. There are few things that I can confidently say I'm really good at. By definition; an expert is someone with a high degree of skill or knowledge in a particular subject. So maybe I can say I'm an expert of bullshitting, but in reality, that is a stretch.

Last night a friend and I we're at the bar on campus, The Rat, and I overheard the bartender talking to some of the guys down the way. Given the Phils and Yanks we're on simultaneous to the Saints and Falcons, the conversation was sports. Lately, the main topic of discussion in the Washington D.C. area is how sucky the Redskins organization is. This particular conversation ranged from the quality of players on the roster, as well as the flaws in the team and with salary caps.

Now, obviously there's no "right" or "wrong" opinion, even on this matter. But when his opinion is, "If there we're no salary cap, they should just buy everyone. That's what they did the last time they won the Super Bowl."

First, my thoughts on this are pretty simple, and hopefully you can agree with me, but the ideas that he stated are flawed. If there is no salary cap, any team can buy any player ON FREE AGENCY. If every player we're available on free agency, then every team would be bidding on these players and inevitably, the market would be flooded with overplayed employees OR collusion by teams to underpay the players. There is no possible way any one team could conceivably "buy" all good players on the market, as no team would be able to afford this inflation.

Second, if you can believe that a team would be able to afford this, than you must face the obstacle of having a roster limited to 53 active players as well as 8 players on the practice squad. With this as well as various rules each team must follow concerning what type of players each team must have (offense, defense, and special teams) there is NO possible way that ANY team can even consider buying up all the "good" players. This is the beauty of the rules the NFL has set up.

And the final part of this guy's argument I'd like to pick apart is his belief that the Redskins did this in the early 90's when they won the Super Bowl. No they didn't. It's as simple as that. They had some old ass players on their team as well as some younger guys that they had to settle for. At this time of the NFL history, they're we're a lot of new rules that restricted how a team could pay for and acquire players. Not going to get into it here, but this guy was wrong.

So, without getting into what the team is doing today with their current roster and management, I will end it here.

In closing, to all the bartenders at student run bars in universities around the country, shut your mouth unless you know what you're talking about. I welcome discussions about this stuff, I'm really interested in this stuff and I'd love to hear what other people have to say about it, but if you just don't know anything, don't talk about it. This is part of the reason that I rarely discuss politics; I don't know enough to hold up my end of the discussion.

Have a good Tuesday!

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