Back to the Future

First, I must say it is one of my favorite movies. The whole series, not just the first or the third, I like all three together. I feel leaving even the third out cheapens the entire story arch, so the full thing is just great. But after a case of beverages and a really fun game of watching the movies later, we began wondering how the hell all of this is going on simultaneously. How many timelines are there in this thing? I've come up with a brief but precise image of what we may be dealing with here.
Now obviously we have a lot going on here at once, so let me attempt to explain.

Here, we have Einstein's trip to 2 minutes into the future. Soon after, Doc leaves Marty with the car and Marty goes to 30 years in the past while trying to escape Libyan terrorists. While there, he creates an alternate time line (the dashed line) and after fixing the events in the first movie, he travels back to 1985.

As Marty returns home, the 2015 Doc comes back to tell him that he has seen the future, and Marty's kids must be helped. It's at this time that Marty, Doc, and Jennifer go to 30 years into the future. While there, Biff takes the Delorean and goes 60 years in the past to help himself become rich. This creates an alternate timeline that Marty sees when he returns to Hill Valley, 1985. He realizes what he did when he talks to alternate rich 1985 Biff, and goes 30 more years back to the past in 1955. This time, he avoids running into himself and fixes the issue. While here unfortunately, 1985 Doc gets sent to 1885.

Now moments later, Marty is approached by a Western Union Man, who was told to give Marty a letter at that exact moment. The letter was from Doc, from the year 1885. Marty then takes the Delorean that was left in a cave since 1885 and meets with 1955 Doc to try and fix it. By the time Marty gets to 1885, he sees Doc has made a name for himself as a black smith, and by saving the school teacher, and pissing off Buford "Mad Dog" Tannen (or old west Biff, as I call him) has created an alternate timeline. By allowing the Delorean to be pushed by a train, Marty reaches 1985, as it should be.

Then Doc comes from nowhere and appears on the train tracks in a big ass train with a wife and two kids.

My god that's a lot of time warp mind-screwing going on.

Update from last week's post:
New addition to the E(x)hausted rule. Apparently, adding "d" to the end also adds to the amount of tiredness, as seen here.


Bill said...

Well done! Did you make those graphics?

bigtinypig said...

yes i did. I actually used excel, imagine that!