The Box

The Box


Well I didn't realize the story took place in 1976 Richmond, VA. So that's cool...

But let me start by saying that this movie was based off a short story called "Button, Button" which was later made into a Twilight Zone Episode.
That being said, this movie ran about an hour and 55 minutes. Now if you try and make a short story into a feature length film, you run into a few problems.

First, you need to expand the story to fill the time. Usually, this can be a good opportunity to learn more about the characters and the back story. Also, you can become repetitive with development, as in showing the same basic concept over and over again. This may have been an attempt to drive the point home, but it becomes a farce after seeing it occur.

Now if you wish to see this movie, don't read the blocked spoiler section below. All I can tell you without spoilers is that it's a waste of $10.25 and I feel it's a sad experience when the audience breaks out into a fit of giggling during a serious scene AND it's opening weekend and their were literally (I COUNTED) 10 people in the 300 person auditorium.


When faced with the opportunity from a fucking burn victim to have $1,000,000.00 and kill somebody, or $100 and nothing happens, which would you do? Take the damn $100 bill and walk away. Don't ever trust a stranger with the opportunity to kill somebody. Duh.

Now, if you DO push the button, what do you do? Well you were given a briefcase with cash and told that the next person will be a complete stranger to you, and you might be the next victim. Hmm... What do you do... Well for one, get on a god damn plane and get the hell out of Richmond, VA !!! You don't just sit around and wait for weird shit to happen!

and Why the fuck is it always about Aliens? Every god damn time that something "unknown" happens in movies these days, it's because it's fucking aliens. Why can't it be just a psycho? Why? I found myself asking "why" throughout this movie. and Now I ask "why" I even went in the first place.

At the end, the family is faced with a decision. Their son is stricken deaf and blind (why? I don't know. They never really say why). To save him, they have two options. The husband can shoot his wife in the heart, the kid gets his vision and hearing back, and they get the million when the son turns 18 (about 7 years from now) after it has gained interest in the bank. Option two, they don't shoot the wife, and the son stays deaf and blind and they keep the million. Why wouldn't you go with option two??

The film's main theme is a moral question, do you sacrifice personal gain for the greater good, or do you sacrifice the greater good for the personal gain? It works, but probably 1000 times better as a SHORT story. This film was so ridiculous that I already have a really good idea of how to turn into a drinking game.


I've left the funniest parts out, so I'd recommend you see it only if you expect to make fun of it. No it's not scary, nothing jumps out at you or anything. It's a Sci Fi film that really could have been kept as an obscure Twilight Zone episode.

Good luck!

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