Another douche sitting in the back row

At the risk of sounding fashion focused, I have to mention a few things that I've noticed over the last few weeks

Leaving class, I found myself facing a different kind of douche sitting in the back row than I have previously described on this blog.

This time, it wasn't the pink wearing sweat banded sideways fashion capped frat boy douche, no no. This time it was the P-coat rocking vampire looking skinny black jeans with chucks and a knit cap douche.

It was like these three had a coke addicted love baby and their failed attempt to abort it left my Managerial Accounting classmate to sulk in the back of the room.

...It's not just me is it? I mean, I realize everyone has their own style but when given the option to choose said style, what made these people go that route?

Another thing I'd like to point out is the strikingly obvious similarities of 80% of the female student population's outfit this time of year.

Black north face
skinny jeans
big sunglasses
ugg boots

Again, when given the option to wear ANYTHING YOU WANT (we are all adults don't you know), these people choose to wear, on a daily basis, the same thing that every other girl is wearing on campus.

I'm not saying any of these looks, or ANY look for that matter is right or wrong, I'm merely stating that people need to find a sense of individuality. The problem with individuality though, is that you might end up looking like this fucking hipster.

Big thanks to Look at This Fucking Hipster for the images.

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