Overpriced candles and hand-warmers

Getting ready for cold weather with pine tree scented candles from Giant (way overpriced) and free hand warmers to go along with a heavy jacket. Now I'd love to enjoy these things, but It was 70 degrees out today! I enjoyed wearing shorts and shades, but It's the middle of November? What is going on?

Good day today for football, Eagles are getting thumped and the Cowboys are down 10 as I write this, and the 'skins played like they are actually aware of how to play this strange sport everyone is calling "football" and won for once. Not that it matters, I've expected very little out of this team over the last three weeks!

Mid term exams coming up, as well as the trimester break for my brother! JD comes home this week. Christmas tree shopping for the apartment next week, then Thanksgiving with the family!

See ya tomorrow.

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