Mushy Talk

I have a friend who has been dating the same girl since high school. Whenever he's on the phone with her, he adopts this voice. The only way I can describe it is "mushy" or "whiny". I mean, I don't understand why he does it. Granted, it's obviously worked for him so far, he's still dating her. But it's weird.

For me, I've always just talked for the conversation. If I enjoy talking to this person, then I don't need to change how I normally talk.

This is an actual conversation: "Hey. Aw what's wrong? Aw... do you want me to come home? Aw... oook... You want me to buy you a hamburger? Aw..." I just don't get how anyone can listen to that let alone say it to somebody else.

I'm not perfect, but I could definitely not do that.


Bill said...

I just threw up in my mouth a bit. Overly affectionate PDA'ers also piss me off.

bigtinypig said...

It's definitely annoying!