Freaking the eff out over snow.

Overnight, the east coast was blanketed in about 8 inches of snow, with as many as 10 more to come. The funny thing about northern virginia is that people go bat shit crazy anytime the weather man calls for a dusting of snow or more. Now that they're saying this will be one of the biggest DC storms in history, the people in this area went nuts. Grocery stores and gas stations had lines that I haven't seen in years.

This is fine, but for non panicking people like me who need to get gas because i'm running on E, not because the apocalypse is coming. Idiots.

So, grab some home made popcorn, a book or a movie, a warm blanket, and a tall beverage and enjoy the snow like you're 8 years old. I'll be putting on my slicks and running face first down the hill in my back yard. And I now have the resources to make a snowmen like these.

-It's not art unless someone is brutally killed right?-

Keep warm people, and have fun.

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