What to do while listening to a live band you're not familiar with and you don't really like:

1) Tap your feet to the music and applaud when others applaud. Just because you don't know the music doesn't mean you can't enjoy it. Try and nod you're head too, that really sells that you're not completely lost by the experience. You can always hope the next song is better.

2) Hit on the waiter/waitress. Ok I know you don't have a chance, I mean she's probably way out of your league or not worth it. Mine was out of my league, but what's the fun in not trying? What's the worst that can happen, you get rejected? Please. The people get hit on everyday. If it were me, I'd consider it a compliment.

3) Have a drink. What better way to calm the nerves? It could be the worst band ever and you can rock out if you're a few appletinis deep. Hell, the night might even be perfect if you forget what songs the bland played after a few rounds.

4) Find somewhere to go afterwards. For me, it's at home playing video games and wearing a snuggie (not really, at least the snuggie part anyway). Maybe you like to go out afterward! Text your buddies, get a party goin! This bad band could be a pregame for something great!

5) Mock the band. This one is easy AND fun! Who doesn't like to be critical of others. Does the opening act sound like a dying cat? Yell free bird! Have fun with it!

6) Write this blog post from your phone!

that last one actually happened.
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