Sleep All Day and the Redskins

So I fell asleep sometime around sunrise, and I woke up sometime around sunset. I would say that my sleep pattern has officially been completely messed up due to finals.

Luckily, I don't have another test until Saturday, and if the impending blizzard comes, that test will be moved to Monday.

The song linked in this title is called "Sleep All Day" and, funnily enough, I heard it on shuffle yesterday for the first time in roughly two years. It's kind of weird to be able to say that I literally slept all day. There was not but a few moments of sun while I was awake today.


Unrelated news item for today:

The Redskins Executive Vice President of Football Operations Vinny Cerrato resigned this morning after working with the organization and owner Daniel Snyder for approximately 10 years (there was a quick stretch in which he was fired by Schottenheimer). The job was quickly turned over to Bruce Allen, son of long time admired George Allen, coach of the 'Skins in the 70's and former VA governor.

Vinny was one of the main thorns in the fans and local media's side throughout his tenure with more "fails" then "wins" in draft and free agency picks. Need I mention Adam Archuleta, Jason Taylor, Brandon Lloyd, Deion Sanders, Jeff George and draft busts like Durant Brooks, Rod Gardner, and Taylor Jacobs?

This news is a bright spot for the organization and I'll tell you why: In the past, I have said the problem with the team stems from two main areas, the Management of the organization, and the Leadership on the field.

First, the organization of team was Owner -> Vinny -> Coach. Now, Vinny was too much of a front man to Snyder to actually make decisions. He was never really a Management kind of guy and, consequently, the decisions made by him were more about the money to be gained (i don't know how, considering we spent it all on players) in publicity rather than the product on the field.

Second, the players on the field knows the coach has no power, but it's Dan's team. So why do what the coach says? There's no incentive. It's a Principal Agent problem. They can slack off because they know that it's possible. Clinton Portis started training in February in '08 and practiced everyday. Result: Pro bowl. In '09, he started training in April, and hasn't practiced at all. Result: IR list in November and worst, and possibly the last, season of his career.

Now that Bruce Allen (Did I mention George was his dad?) is BACK in town, this team has made a step towards success. I'm not saying we're going to start performing better on the field, but I'm certainly glad that it will eventually. A note to mention here is that Mike Shanahan was GM in Denver, he likes to manage his own team. I think, by getting rid of the puppet (Cerrato) and eventually getting rid of Zorn (not his fault) and cleaning house with dead weight player contracts (Samuels, R. Thomas, Randel El, and Portis), Shanahan and Allen will be able to build a team worth being proud of.

I'll say it here; I'm always going to be a Redskins fan, and seeing someone from our historic legacy come back to town really makes me HAPPY to be a skins fan. First time i've been happy about it this year in fact.

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