Seattle, here I come.

Today is monumental for me, it's the day I booked my flight and hotel for a 5 day stay in Seattle, Washington.

With full support from family, I began the booking stages of what I've been thinking about (with a plan in mind) for months. How long have I been wanting to do it? I'd say about 6 years. it's a combination of being able to travel on my own, and see the Pacific, as well as accomplish many firsts. I look forward to renting my first car, flying alone for the first time, staying in a hotel on my own, and given the date on the reservation, I will be making approximately my 5th purchase of an alcoholic beverage. Who knows, it may be my first alcohol on a plane as well. It'll also be my first time in Chicago, as I have a 40 minute layover (yes I know I wouldn't be leaving the airport, but it still counts) before I connect to Seattle.

Another great thing about this trip is that I plan on documenting it all on film. From packing the essentials to picking up my baggage when I return nearly a week later in Baltimore. A little birdy has informed me that a video camera should be under the christmas tree; and by little birdy, I mean I picked it out. You can never be sure with electronics until you try them out, can you? So what does this mean? Well, it means that I will be posting a series of videos, hopefully with some entertaining moments, to the blog following (or, dare I say, during) the trip to the west coast. Who knows, maybe this blog will become a weekly vlog along with the daily posts. I certainly have some material in mind, with thanks to hilarious roommates.

I'd like to point out that many people have asked me, "Why Seattle?" The answer is simple. At a young age, my brother, cousins, and myself were very close to our grandfather and grandmother (pop-pop and mamoo respectively) on my mothers side. I suppose I was 7 or 8, when I first watched the film Sleepless in Seattle, and it was with my grandparents. Now, I have no idea why that movie had such a profound impact on me, but it did. Since watching it at a young age, I have found it to be my favorite film for purely sentimental reasons. It even led to my appreciation for Tom Hanks as my favorite actor. All this, plus the above "firsts" made Seattle a perfect candidate for a cross country vacation.

So as I write this, I notice my calendar tells me it's exactly one month until I get on a plane and take a trip. That thought simply makes me smile.


As a side note, Bill; you'd be happy to know that I will be taking tours of both Safeco Field and Qwest Field on January 8th, I will personally pick up something for you if interested. Same goes for you Douglas. I'm almost positive there will be no Ice Cream helmets (what a shame) but I'd be happy to pick up something for you.


And regarding the Redskins game; Redskins played their best game of the year but it came short to the best team in the league. Unfortunately the game had two VERY questionable turn over calls, the Sellers elbow during OT and the Kareem Moore interception and subsequent strip and return for TD at the end of the first half. In regards to the Moore play, replays showed he was down by contact at the initial catch, if he even caught it (the ball looked unsecured to me). Regardless, I know that both teams played their hearts out for 60 minutes, it's just a shame that two (very similar) booth reviews went the other way.

It also upsets me that NFC East blogger (ESPN.com) Matt Mosley so quickly blames Zorn constantly for the teams shortcomings. This week, it's the decision to kick the field goal with under 2:00 to play in regulation. Obviously, if Suisham had made the EASIEST kick of his career, the skins would be up by 10 and New Orleans had not timeouts remaining. That being said, who's to say the skins even get in the endzone at that point in the game? And if they had gone for 6, and not made it? Yea, an easy FG was the wrong choice there. Nice reporting (as always) Mosley.

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Bill said...

Good for you man! That's the kind of stuff you will remember. Looking forward to the stories.