Things you can say about an exam:

After taking my Econ Final today, I started coming up with things you can say about an exam. These things are all personifications, which makes it fun in my opinion. The great thing is that you can apply these to any inanimate object.

I crushed that exam.

I destroyed that exam.

I punished that exam.

I made that exam my bitch.

I got away with abuse on that exam.

I made that exam wish it had never met me.

I bullied that exam throughout middle school, then stole it's lunch money.

I embarrassed that exam and made it cry in front of it's exam friends.

I called that exam's mother a fat whore, and made it cry. Like a bitch.

I kidnapped the exam, took it to Russia, and whored it out for $15 a night.

I was friends with that exam, but then it was a douche, so I took it's sister to dinner and never called her again.

What, too far? Obviously I feel I did well on the exam.

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